Meet the Arcadians – Part 1

Just like a business couldn’t be successful without employees or a school wouldn’t be able to function as a centre of education without teachers and students, an arcade cannot exist  without Arcadians.

Arcadians, (another invented word) are the backbone of the arcades. They feel the arcade’s pulse, they monitor its’ beats and their roles – be it sales, marketing or customer service – is what makes the arcades’s cafes and boutiques pop to life!

Introducing a few Arcadians, (in no particular order):

Clive Ranger

Jessica Fisher, Clive Ranger, High Street Arcade

The Boardroom Coffee Shop

Caroline Nieuwenhuis & Michael Wright, The Boardroom Coffee Shop, Duke Street Arcade

Spit & Sawdust

George Manson, Duke Street Arcade

City Surf Cardiff

Guto Williams, City Surf Cardiff, High Street Arcade


Sakshi Adkar & Oscar Rodriquez, Bwyta Bwyd Bombai 3B’s, High Street Arcade

Miss Patisserie

Talisa, Miss Patisserie, High Street Arcade

Thank you for scrolling – stay tuned for more…


18 thoughts on “Meet the Arcadians – Part 1

  1. Love what I’ve read. I love specialty shops because they have so much to offer with a great promise of unique and high quality craftsmanship or service!

    Can’t wait to read the next article ^_^

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  2. I love reading about the Arcades, especially because there are so many different shops and several other arcades, it’s almost impossible to do all of them in a single day and not miss anything!

    Please keep writing, I can’t wait to see what shops are featured!

    Liked by 1 person

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