This site is about all things ‘arcadism’. It’s main focus is to highlight the glorious Victorian and Edwardian arcades dotted around Cardiff’s historical quarter.

In October 2014, the Cardiff Council published an Economy and Cultural Scrutiny report focussing on Cardiff’s market and arcades, in order to support their growth.

Some of the key facts and findings of this report are quoted below:

  • The historic arcades have been frequented by shoppers
    and visitors to the city for well over 100 years and they are a unique selling point of
    the city centre, showcasing Cardiff’s Victorian and Edwardian heritage
  • Traders in Cardiff Central Market and from across the Historic Arcades
    indicated that they have seen decreased levels of trade over the last two to
    three years, with the pedestrianisation of St Mary Street, the new St David’s
    development and the cost of city centre parking being highlighted as some of
    the reasons why this is felt to have occurred. This is not a problem unique to
    Cardiff; evidence across the UK suggests that the plight of small and
    independent retailers is a big area of concern for many British cities
  • There is a perception that the Council should be helping to address this
    problem of decreased footfall through the Castle Quarter arcades, with some
    traders commenting that if the area degenerates further they will have no
    option but to leave the arcade
  •  Research findings suggest that traders within Cardiff Central Market and to a
    smaller extent the historic arcades have been slow to embrace e-commerce
    and social media as a means to promote their business, and those that have
    find it hard to attract new custom, with existing customers being the
    individuals reached via various social media platforms. This is particularly
    important at a time when more people than ever carry a smart phone and
    when smart phone users are increasingly consulting their mobile while
  • It is suggested that the Council’s social media assets provide a great
    opportunity to promote the market and arcades, and to communicate
    information about individual businesses to both residents and tourists
  • Cardiff really should be taking every opportunity to shout about the arcades
    and drive tourists in their direction, as they are something that other cities in
    the UK do not offer

The core objective of arcadism is thus to attract attention, comments and discussion to these magical buildings using social media. This is to improve their commercial viability and support the community, retailers and independent business owners.

This means ultimately increasing customer footfall, sales and generating new business for the arcades.

Let’s fill the #Cardiffarcades with #customers

A community project by Monita Pesumal,
Cardiff University School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies (JOMEC)


Recent Posts

Aum Ganesha

Ganeshaone of the most worshipped deities in Hinduism. Ganesha – widely revered as the remover of obstacles and the bestower of spiritual gifts such as intellect, knowledge and wisdom. Ganesha – the God of beginnings.

The Royal arcade is famed for it’s curious little shops and quirky cafes, but it is also known for a little boutique that houses all things Ganesha.

Aptly named Ganesha Handicrafts, after the majestic elephant God, this colourful multi-level store houses a wide selection of ethnic clothing, jewellery and Eastern inspired handicrafts. What’s special about their products is that they are ethically sourced from India and Nepal, ensuring that the craftsmen and women who hand make the store’s product range receive a fair wage for their skilled work.

If you’re hunting for a gift out of the mundane selection found elsewhere, then this shop doesn’t disappoint. Items like cloth messenger bags and backpacks for example retail for just £10 upwards. These bags come heavily embroidered in bright colours, are soft to touch and easy to sling on your shoulder or back. Choose from mirror work, patch work, tassels or simple knits, depending on how subtle or flamboyant your style is.

If traditional jewellery is more up your alley, the store has a wide collection of rings, pendants and necklaces, studded with vibrant gem stones from the Far East. Some of the natural stones used in the jewellery pieces include blue turquoise, Indian ruby, Japanese opal and black onyx. Though the jewellery is simple, it’s timeless and elegant, and makes the perfect accessory to complement any spring or summer outfit.


And speaking of outfits, the store is stocked with ethnic wear for both men and women. The boho gypsy skirts, are sure to catch your eye as they glisten in the sunlight, almost as if they are showing off their pretty shades and mirrors.

The shop smells as fragrant as oriental Jasmine flowers thanks to the aroma released from burning incense sticks, which are also available to purchase.

Kelly who loves shopping here says excitedly, “I cannot wait for pay day! I’m heading straight to Ganesha Cardiff!”

However, even if you were to leave without buying anything, just the experience of visiting the shop will leave you with a sense of calm and well being.



Thank you, Ganesha – the God of good fortune and success.




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