Want to feel like a princess?

As you walk in, a soothing all-white interior greets you as warmly as Theo does. Located in the quaint Wyndham Arcade, Bellisimos Aesthetics offers up the finest range of treatments any woman (or man) can desire.


Soothing interiors

From skin and body, to face and lips, this high ceilinged academy serves it all on a pristine platter. The treatments are designed with care and quality and aim to satisfy the majority of women and men who want to enhance their natural features, increase their metabolism, reverse the signs of aging, or simply slim down.

Some of the popular services include microdermabrasion for example. From £75 upwards, this treatment is incredible for de-clogging your pores and evening the skin tone on your face, neck and décolletage area. The treatment is known to cure dull skin, replacing it with a clear glow instead, while alleviating blemishes and any previous scarring caused by acne.

Other services you can enjoy at the clinic range from microblading and correcting eyebrows to lip enhancement, and Botox anti wrinkle procedures.


For expert skin care

Bellisimos takes pride in specializing in facials to suit all skin types and these are reasonably priced, starting at just £30. Melanie Evans, a resident of Cardiff, who recently had a facial was over the moon after her skin care therapy.

“I expected it to be painful, but the experience was so rejuvenating. All the dead skin on my face was professionally removed and it has left my skin feeling soft, fresh and naturally glowing,” she squealed.

Once you have decided on your therapeutic routine, select your preferred beverage from the menu provided. The choices start with a glass of prosecco, hot chocolate or juice and end with coffee, tea, water or soft drinks.

Then relax and let the expert team at Bellisimos work their magic on you.

Walk in a lady, walk out a princess.